How to Create Twitter Lead Cards to Grow Your Email List

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Twitter Lead Cards

Twitter’s Lead Cards are a great way to easily grow your email list.  A Twitter card is simply an attachment. In the case of a Lead Card, it is a little graphic that attaches to any tweet, and as many tweets, as you wish.  Once you create the card, it sits in your library.  It’s re-usable.  It has a bit of code in it that allows people to simply click on it, twice, to share their name and email address with you.  They never have to actually type in their name and email, all they have to do is. click!

Because Twitter offers phenomenal targeting options, if you put a bit of funding behind these Lead Cards, you can expect to collect lots of emails.  But there is a way to do this without spending one cent.

First, make sure you set up your ads account in Twitter.  You will be required to give your credit card number, but Twitter will not use this unless you ask them to.

Click on your profile pick next to the Tweet button.

Choose “Twitter Ads"

Choose “Creatives”.

Choose “Create Lead Generation card"

twitter lead card 1

Create your description, upload and image (800 x 200 pixels), and a call to action.  

If you don’t have a privacy policy on your website, you need one.  You can get a free one at

twitter lead card step 2

Complete the rest of the form and click “create card”.

twitter lead card 3

Simply click “Finish”. 

twitter lead card 4

Now, write your tweet. Choose “standard”.  Note the option for scheduling.  To really see results from this, you will want to schedule this tweet to go out several times throughout the day, for several days.  Then, click tweet.   The bottom picture shows you what the tweet looks like.  Considering pinning it to the top of your Twitter profile for even more engagement.

twitter lead card 5

To collect your leads, simply click on this icon.  Your leads will download was a CSV file that you can upload to your CRM.