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Empowering people by teaching them about how to use social media and digital tools to get their message out into the world is my passion.

But I also know that many of us feel an urgency to get on with it already. You know you need a social media plan. You know you need to be consistent. But right now you need to start monetizing this business of yours.

For years I've been asked by students and clients to offer a done-for-you service. 

Finally, I'm able to offer this, because I have an amazing team in place to help me.

Here's how it works:

You click here to buy your one month package.

I will email you a short intake form: you will give me any applicable links to your website and social channels.

I will send you a link to my calendar and we will schedule a session to go over your strategy.

I meet with my team, and we get to work.

Our obligation to each other is for one month only. After that, we debrief and decide if we will move forward.


Sound good? Click here to move to the next step.