"Pinterest Ads are the Best Kept Secret on Social!" with Alisa Meredith


Today’s guest is Alisa Meredith Pinterest Expert, Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind, and visual marketing expert.

Pinterest is about finding ideas to make life better.

Don’t miss the “how to” parts of this podcast! Alisa shared so much helpful info!

  1. What are rich pins, why you want to use them, and how they benefit you (she shares a couple of great examples too)

  2. What kind of paid promotion is best and how to set it up

  3. How to target and reach people who pin/repin your posts – it’s powerful

  4. Should I use promoted posts on Pinterest for event or time limited things like Summer Camp?

  5. Myth-busting the delete your pins strategy

  6. What’s a Tailwind tribe and why you should join one

  7. Find out how much un-tapped potential there is for Pinterest marketing – this strategy is overlooked by many which means tons of potential for you


Connect with Alisa

Website http://alisameredith.com/

Twitter  https://twitter.com/alisammeredith

Tailwind  https://www.tailwindapp.com

Tailwind blog  https://www.blog.tailwindapp.com


Minute: 4:07 What are the biggest mis-conceptions about Pinterest?

Lots of people think Pinterest is just for planning a wedding, home décor, fashion and lifestyle topics. Those are definitely the most popular, but what many don’t realize is that you don’t have to be related to any of those topics to be successful.

It’s the introverts platform! It’s not about curating an image of yourself on the platform, it’s not about that at all. There is no pressure to project perfection.

Minute 5:40 When we are on Pinterest we’re in dream mode, or planning mode.

Yes, and that’s why it’s much easier to reach someone higher up in their decision-making process. People searching on Pinterest usually have very few preconceived ideas, they are open to new concepts and smaller brands and new options.

Minute 6:43 You can now have a follower tab that let’s you quickly see the boards of people you follow. The smart feed (where you land by default) should be a combination of things. People you follow, and things that would be suggested for boards you are creating. If you are always creating boards about social media (or whatever your business-related topics might be) then you may see more of those types of images.

You can create secret boards for personal interests; like the whole 30 topic and then you’ll also start to see more of those type of pins.

Minute 8:20 Pinterest is mostly women but we’re now seeing the new people setting up accounts are 40% men. That also reflects the international scope as well. Over 50% of Pinterest users are outside the US.

70% of moms and 30% of dads in the US are on Pinterest. In the UK, it’s a more equal split so the growth in men on Pinterest is happening.

Minute 9:18 Can you explain what “rich pins” are and why they are important?

Rich pins are images that are pinned where Pinterest will go to your website where the pin originated and pull out the meta data.

Article rich pins collected data: the title, date published, and author which will show on the pin and it’s a description that’s permanent. It stays with the pin even if someone re-pins it and changed the name for the purposes.

Minute 12:58 Promoted pins should be directing traffic to what converts. If you have a landing page, or product page that you know converts well, that’s what you want to promote. It’s simple to promote pins – I suggest you go to ads. In fact, the best way to start is by setting up a traffic campaign. You only pay when people click on your original pin. When others click and pin your post on their board – someone else may pin it again – but don’t have to pay for that so if it’s a popular pin, it can really take off.

Minute 15:38  IT’s possible to target and upload an audience for your ads. Lookalike ads, email lists and engagement targeting is possible. You have easy options to target people who already know you (email subscribers for example) or people who visit your site (pixel anyone?) very easily.

You can also target people who only interacted with a specific pin or post.

Minute 21:00 Should I use a promoted pin for a time-specific page? Yes – just have something else of value there. Give away something and keep the traffic to that page active and working for you.

Minute 26:00 Tailwind allows you to pin without having to be on your laptop all day. Yay! Pinterest values active pinners over pinning 70 pins at one time and then having no pins for a week. Tailwind has a browser extension that allows you to pin right from your browser. You can collect and schedule so they are dripped out over time so Pinterest knows you are active, and they are pinned at the time that’s most advantageous to reach your audience.

Minute 29:08 Let’s talk about group boards. They are meant to be a way to share and collaborate with others who have similar interests. It’s a good strategy if you have people who are open to collaborating. The best way to make sure the re-pin rate is good.