May 24, 2019



  • Instagram will now give IGTV publishers the option to upload content in landscape format, a shift in direction from the original focus of the platform.

  • Facebook has provided a new overview of the amount of fake accounts on its platform as part of its latest Transparency Report.

  • In its latest measure to stop the use of its platform for political manipulation, Facebook has announced that it will stop incentivizing the sale of political campaigns.

    How Does Facebook Measure Fake Accounts?

  • Twitter has banned prominent anti-Trump personalities Brian and Ed Krassenstein over their use of fake accounts and purchased interactions.

May 23, 2019



  • Facebook has recently provided some new tips on creating effective ads on its main platform. Facebook has launched a new guide to running effective Stories ads with the visual assets you have available. You can read Facebook's full rundown here.

  • Pinterest has announced a new feature for Pride Month 2019, which will turn all related searches into multi-colored text.

  • Instagram will soon let you appeal post takedowns

  • Google has announced an update to its mobile search listings, going with a small, but significant, new look for specific listings.

Facebook feed ads tips

Facebook feed ads tips

Google's Updating its Search Listings with New Brand Icons, and an Alternative Ad Format

Google's Updating its Search Listings with New Brand Icons, and an Alternative Ad Format

May 20, 2019



  • Facebook announced three types of maps that will help nonprofit organizations and universities working in public health get ahead of disease outbreaks and reach vulnerable communities more effectively.

  • Facebook groups have been subject by a new attack from sabotage gangs who join, post offensive content, then report the group.

  • Twitter is testing out a new format of carousel ads for app install campaigns.

May 17, 2019



  • Instagram is rolling out some changes to its Explore tab, including Stories content, new IGTV and Shop categories and an updated layout.

  • Instagram has announced that it's shutting down its separate 'Direct' messaging app after a year or so in circulation.

  • Twitter's working on a new option that would enable users to live-stream with friends, similar to the same functionality on Periscope.

  • Facebook has announced two new updates to its News Feed algorithm designed to highlight content from close friends, and promote better quality content from Pages.

May 16, 2019



  • A while back Facebook removed the 'View as Public' option on profiles last year due to a security flaw . Facebook has fixed the problem, it’s bringing the option back, while also adding a new option to more easily edit the details you display to non-connections when they look you up on Facebook.

  • Twitter is introducing new search tools meant to help users find credible resources about vaccines.

  • Facebook introduces ‘one strike’ policy to combat abuse of its live-streaming service