5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My PAID Membership Program

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In this podcast Jen outlines the benefits of the membership model. Recurring revenue is key for the life of a successful business. Brendan Burchard told her (and 100’s of others at the Kajabi conference) that if you can’t go away for 3 weeks and still generate income, you don’t really have a business.

He’s kinda right. Jen breaks down the membership model as she’s learned it. You’ll want to take notes. She’s also going to share the transcript, and a handy guide as well so you can revisit while planning your membership site.

There are 2 key elements of a successful membership site. Only 2. So it’s important to do them well.

People come for the content and stay for the community. (not sure who said it first, but it’s true!)

Jen shares her community-building tips.

  • Get the scoop on Jen’s pricing strategy and how it’s worked so well.

  • How her launch connected members and helped them feel a sense of community right away.

  • How Jen provides experiences and why it’s connected to her membership loyalty.

  • Why challenges help with enrollment.

Hear Jen’s no-stress launch and cart open process that brings in new members.

  • Use experiences as a way to invite new people to join the membership

  • Walk members through a training

  • Help your content come alive

If they don’t achieve, they leave! @jenrgy

Use the study hall approach to be productive and let your members have a place to connect. It’s lonely working by yourself all the time!

Find out how Jen decides what goes in her free group and what is only for the VIP paid group.

Find out what is her most valuable piece of content. Ever.

Strong onboarding is everything. Don’t make it hard for people find info. Jen breaks down her killer on-boarding process for you.

6 steps key steps for making sure members know all the cool things that are in your membership, how to access everything, where to find resources, guides and trainings and more!

Jen breaks down her membership platform. This is huge and she attributes this to the success of her membership. It’s powerful, easy to use, and has everything in one place. A free course is available in the show notes area – check it out so you can have a great membership site as well.

Don’t let the tech keep you from starting.


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The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Creating, Launching, and Scaling a Paid Membership Program

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