"LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs" 

 with Viveka Von Rosen


Guest Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn expert, Author, Speaker and Camp Counselor

Viveka shares the up to the minute LinkedIn insider tips including:

  • The truth about LinkedIn groups

  • How to use ads and sponsored posts effectively

  • The best way to target a sponsored post

  • Powerful backlinking strategy that gets thousands of views on your content (video or post)

  • The real deal about long form posts

  • 3 great examples of video done well

  • Privacy options and features that are available to you

  • LinkedIn hashtags


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Twitter https://www.linkedin.com/in/linkedinexpert

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Minute 1:40 Why is LinkedIn so hot now? People are appreciating the way that LinkedIn has kept things clean and reliable. It’s more interactive and it allows more of a chat feature which is nice.

Minute 4:18 What’s the deal with LinkedIn Groups? They are still around but I don’t think they will continue. It’s too bad because groups can be so powerful, but LinkedIn didn’t really capture a good way to let you know when people were commenting so it was impossible to have a real conversation.

Minute 7:00 Does LinkedIn advertising make sense for a small business owner? Ads are going to work well if you use them effectively. Are you going to sell a $500 service or product with a text ad? Probably not. I suggest using sponsored updates or sponsored video. You can create brand awareness and/or thought leader positioning and for that it works really well.

The secret is to hyper target. Get as close as you can to 1000 people and target well. You can use location, industry, group membership (for now) and other key words to really target the people you want to see your post or video.

You can save the audiences now too so once you get it dialed in, you can keep it for the next video or promotion.

Minute 10:14 Can I create a video and then boost? You can do that, but you can’t have a link in the video or in your sponsored piece of content.

I wrote an article and put it in the published post area. 55 views.
Then I wrote and update and pointed back to it. 155 views.
Next, I did a video and pointed back to it. 1500 views.
I did a video and then in the comments below the video I said to check it out. 15,000 views.
Lastly, I did a long update using the 1300 characters and then linked to it in the comments below. 15,000 views again.

Minute: 13:29 Native video that you shoot on your phone and upload to LinkedIn works best. Even better than a link from YouTube. It will get you significantly more visibility. Then in the description area you can note that a link will be in the comments below. In the comment area. That’s how you will get more views.

LinkedIn doesn’t want you to use links that take you off LinkedIn.

Minute 15:20 LinkedIn publisher explained. On your home page you can write an article, upload images and a video. The article tab will take you to another page that looks like WordPress and you can do a post with effects and images etc. much like you’d do a post on your own blog.

It does not add views or raise your profile, but it can help to establish credibility for those who see your post and your information.

Minute 19:10 Can you do live video on LinkedIn? No. LinkedIn doesn’t offer the ability to go “live”. You can do a personal video on your phone in a very conversational manner you can add your captions and links and upload it minutes later, but you will not be live.

Minute 20:30 Zoom filter. Touch up my appearance!

Minute 21:38 What are some good examples of video on LinkedIn? Consistency is key. Set expectations that you will be there and deliver content regularly. Have an opinion, even be controversial if it’s your style. It creates conversation and engagement. Sue Zimmerman is doing great videos. She’s got such a good eye and she’s comfortable on camera and is getting lots of views and interaction.

Minute 25:45 Best way to take advantage of SEO with LinkedIn. The title fields are the best place to use keywords that will help you get found. Make sure your profile is complete. Skills and endorsements are helpful, and LinkedIn has put a lot of resources around that and it makes an impact.

Minute 27:20 Should attorneys (or people concerned with client privacy) keep their contacts private or turn off the views? No. Keep your information out there so people can find you. You can make it public but limit key areas of your profile if that’s an issue for you. You can do the same thing with the also viewed section as well.

Minute 32:20 LinkedIn shows your first-person connections your email address. You can now make it so that people can message you through LinkedIn only and can’t scrape the email address and put you on a list unsolicited.

Minute 35:02 Should I accept invites from people I haven’t met or connected with in some way? Yes, but I encourage you to be strategic. For me that means someone I can help, or someone who may benefit my clients – even if they are new to me I’m likely to connect with them. Develop your parameters based on what makes sense for you and your business.

Minute 36:05 Hashtags yes or no? Yes. Use them in updates, published posts, videos, everywhere. Be smart, be strategic and make sure they are relevant. 3-4 that are common and one that has a unique to you it will be easier to find those updates to share later.

Minute 37:40 What is the best way to invite people from LinkedIn to a Facebook group? It’s a good idea. Ask them manually, provide some value and a compelling reason to join the group. Don’t do a group message – copy paste the same message if you need to through LinkedIn to get the best open rate.