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In my free online classroom, The Front Row, each Tuesday is T.A.C.O. Tuesday. (Technology and Apps Creating Opportunities). Members share their favorite tools, plug-ins, and apps and it's one of the most anticipated days of the week! My team has compiled all of best submissions from T.A.C.O. Tuesday and put them into this beautiful PDF that is organized by category and purpose. Each item is also hyperlinked. Make sure and grab this right now!

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Want to Scale Your Business?

At some point in our business journey we face the fact that in order to grow, we need help. Unfortunately, for most of us, we come to this conclusion later than necessary. In fact, and hear me out because I know this will sound nuts, but I believe we need to hire help right from the start. I know this seems counterintuitive, because we tend to think of this in reverse. In this mini-course I show exactly how you can do this, affordably. In fact, you can't afford not to.

Need Support and Feedback?

Two heads are better than one, and 2,000+ smart, passionate entrepreneurs are even better than that. In this free community, we discuss all the latest, greatest digital marketing strategies. We practice live-streaming, share ideas, ask and give feedback, network, ask questions, answer questions, and develop joint ventures and friendships. It's called "The Front Row" because I believe that when you take a seat on the front row, it's about stepping up.


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