March 5, 2019


Create Your Own Alexa Flash Briefing

Hot off the press! This book will guide you through setting up your own Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing coding or tech skills required! If it was 2006, and I told you that starting a YouTube channel or a podcast would be smart for your business, knowing what you know now, would you do it? That's the kind of opportunity Alexa Flash Briefings hold for you right now. You want to be an early adopter on this platform, trust me. It's the easiest content you will ever create... Like little mini podcasts...about 2 minutes long that go out over Amazon Alexa devices...and in cars with Alexa installed (70 models already!)... ...and oh yeah...your little briefing is searchable on the second largest database in the world and the largest store in the world...AMAZON... No tech skills required. Click here to learn more.



Click here to listen to the Flash Briefing.


  • Pinterest continues to expand its eCommerce tools with new product catalogs and personalized shopping recommendations.

  • Google is adding a new option to Google My Business listings which will enable brands to showcase offers within search results.