June 19, 2019



  • Facebook has finally revealed details of its coming 'Libra' cryptocurrency offering.

  • Twitter will remove precise location tagging in tweets, citing lack of use.

  • LinkedIn: Introducing New Tools to Help You Prep for Your Next Interview.

  • Google is Reportedly Adding Timestamps to YouTube Videos in Search Results.

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May 31, 2019



  • Facebook Introduces "Protected Comments" Mode for Live Streams!

  • LinkedIn has announced a new integration with Moat analytics, which will provide more insight into video marketing performance on the platform. 

  • Pinterest has launched a new, integrated Windows 10 app to improve the desktop browsing experience.

May 16, 2019



  • A while back Facebook removed the 'View as Public' option on profiles last year due to a security flaw . Facebook has fixed the problem, it’s bringing the option back, while also adding a new option to more easily edit the details you display to non-connections when they look you up on Facebook.

  • Twitter is introducing new search tools meant to help users find credible resources about vaccines.

  • Facebook introduces ‘one strike’ policy to combat abuse of its live-streaming service

March 27, 2019




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  • LinkedIn has announced a new partnership with Adobe that will expand it's account-based marketing capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud users.

  • Google is now rolling out its 'dynamic email' process for Gmail interactions.

  • YouTube has launched a new pop-up 'YouTube House' in New York to showcase the various elements of the platform.