November 23, 2018




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  • Instagram has announced a new crackdown on users who purchase followers and likes via third-party apps.

  • Instagram has announced that its currently testing a few variations of profile formats, both for regular users and businesses.

  • LinkedIn looks to be testing a bunch of new, Facebook-like, features such as having its own versions of reactions and stories.

  • LinkedIn just quietly introduced a new privacy setting that defaults to blocking other users from exporting your email address.

  • Facebook is reportedly testing out a new option which would enable Messenger users to view the same video at the same time, and comment within private groups.

  • Facebook is finally rolling out its ‘how long do I spend on Facebook’ dashboard.

  • Snapchat is this week launching a new Discover channel called 'Shop and Cop', which will highlight app-exclusive deals on the web from chosen brands and enable purchasing of those items, from my the app. 

  • YouTube knows that its mid-roll ads can be annoying, but ads are also how the platform makes money. So now it's looking to make something of a compromise - you watch two ads before your video plays, and you can avoid being disrupted later.

  • Google has released a new set of templates to help businesses showcase customer reviews and promotions on social.