Social media series


Guest Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn expert, Author, Speaker and Camp Counselor shares the up to the minute LinkedIn insider tips including the truth about LinkedIn groups, how to use ads and sponsored posts effectively, the best way to target a sponsored post and a lot more.


Guest Alisa Meredith, Pinterest Expert, Content Marketing Manager at Tailwind, and Visual marketing expert shares the "how to" parts of Pinterest Ads, what are rich pins, why you want to use them, and how they benefit you (she shares a couple of great examples too), how to target and reach people who pin/repin your posts – it’s powerful and a lot more. 


Guest Laura Ball, Facebook Ads Expert, shares her secrets including why Facebook ads are so powerful, the best way to get started, the definitive answer about boosting posts, why retargeting (and the pixel) will help you be successful and a lot more. 


Guest Tyler McCall, Instagram whiz, Founder of the Follower to Fan Society and the Instagram Stories Workshop cracked the code and shared his go-to resources for staying up to date with Instagram, why he’s on Instagram stories every day, how he spent 3 minutes and got 2 new members in his program, insider tip about finding a profile vs a story when you are checking out someone you don’t know and a lot more.