How to create funnels using LinkedIn. In this video, I show you how you can create LinkedIn funnels using your lead magnets as clickable publications to capture email address and yield amazing results.

No freebie to give away? Simply create a graphics that list your favorite industry tools or a checklist that relates to your niche or industry!


How to Pick the Right Webinar Platorm: A Complete Guide

There are so many webinar platforms, with new ones popping up each day. It's difficult to know which one to choose. Cost is a factor for most of us, as is reliability. But there may be other features you are looking for: screen sharing, automated email sequences, custom branding, etc. I've done my best to compare what I think are the most important elements for most broadcasters. Below each platform, I've added my personal commentary.
Jennifer: I suggest signing up for the free trials and taking your top choices out for a test run.

How to Use Meet Edgar

How to use Meet Edgar.png

Meet Edgar is a social media auto-scheduler. What makes it unique from Buffer and Hoot Suite is that it allows you to put content in one time, and then it circulates that content around the clock (based on a schedule that you set). 

You can send content out to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

There is a similar service, called RecurPost. I'll be doing a demo on that later. Big difference is that RecurPost is less expensive.

Meet Edgar Step 1
Meet Edgar step 2
Meet Edgar step 4
Meet Edgar Step 5
Meet Edgar step 6
Meet Edgar Step 7
Meet Edgar Step 8

How I Use Evernote to Manage My Biz & My Life

How I Use Evernote to Organize My Biz and My Life

Evernote is one of the most important tools I use in my business, and my life.  Although I do still love a nice sharp pencil and a clean pad of paper, nothing beats Evernote for keeping things organized. The secret to using Evernote successfully is in it's tagging feature. Yes, you can create oodles of notebooks and categories, but if you are anything like me, you will forget where you put something as soon as you put it there. Tags allow you to simple type whatever logical word comes to mind into the search bar, and if you tagged your item, it will pop up instantly. 

I created this video, below, to demonstrate, and also a workbook.



How do you use Evernote? I'd love to know!

How to Make a Content Creation Assembly Line for Your Videos and Blog Posts

content creation assembly line for your video or blog post

In order to really grow an audience, it's so important to create good content, CONSISTENTLY. You want to become the go-to person in your niche. But creating good content, consistently is not exactly an easy proposition, right? This was a challenge for me, for sure. When I did create content, it was usually pretty good, but it was the consistency that I had trouble with. It might be months between vlogs or blog posts. Or even livestreaming or posting on my Facebook business page. 

That's when I decided to create a system, and it's made all the difference.

Use this as a guide, but don't feel like you have to do every single thing I've mentioned. The gist of it all is this:

1. Batch your content (you create several videos or blog posts at one time)

2. Move each piece of content through a process. A content assembly line.

(Having a virtual assistant to help with this is a game changer, and I created a free mini-course on the topic here.)

My favorite place to create this assembly line is in Trello, and I've made a template for you


Thinking about my content creation systems like this is really a credit to Todd Herman, who is a genius performance coach. A year ago I signed up for his course, 90 Day Year and using his methods I was able to accomplish a year's worth of progress in 90 days. He's got great free videos here.

Make sure and grab the workbook and checklist below.




What are your biggest challenges with creating content consistently?



The Benefits of Streaming Live From Your Personal Facebook Profile

fb live streams from profile.png

Live streaming on Facebook is a wonderful way to connect with your audience.  But when we stream from our business pages, it is 100% public.

Streaming from your personal profile allows you to live stream for a very specific audience.  

Before you can do this, you need to create a few lists.

This video shows you how to do that.

Next, click on the "post" icon, pictured below:


Next, choose the audience that you want to reach with your broadcast.

facebook live 2

Give your broadcast a good title; make people curious.

Facebook live 3

Once you are live, find your self on your laptop, desktop, or second device and click "share". One caveat: if you want to share from your personal profile to other places, only the people who are the original list will be able to see it elsewhere, so you may at that point want to change the privacy settings to "public".

Facebook Live 4

Notice the options! So cool, right? You can share into a group (OR MORE THAN ONE), AND you can share to one (OR MORE) Facebook pages that you manage. HOW COOL IS THAT?

Facebook Live 5

In the image below, I am streaming live in my Facebook group, The Front Row.


...and here I am simultaneously streaming to my business page. (Mustache added to mask goofy/unflattering grimace.) :) 

Facebook Live 7

In summary, the main benefit from streaming from your Facebook profile is that you can select exactly who you want to see it. This is great if you only want existing clients, for example, to see what you are posting. Or maybe you want everyone EXCEPT existing clients to see. The possibilities are numerous. How will you use this feature?