The Ultimate List of My Favorite Freelancers

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If you are like every other entrepreneur on the planet, sometimes you find yourself bogged down doing work you know you shouldn’t be doing but you justify it because you tell yourself…

…it’s easier if you do it yourself. By the time you had to explain it to someone, you’d already be done.

Or maybe you don’t even know where to find someone to do that particular task and even if you did, you’d rather not spend that money.

But here’s the truth; there’s a very skilled labor force out there that is not only ready to work with you, but also incredibly affordable.

If you’ve been at this online business thing for a while, you’ve likely already heard of or

If not, let me be the bearer of life-changing news… is a place where freelancers offer their services (called “gigs”), some for as little as five dollars (hence, the name). You can’t believe the wide range of services offered there!

Upwork is a similar platform, but usually a bit pricier.

I’ve been using both services since 2013, and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite freelancers for you.

I have worked with each of these freelancers (except for those indicated) and can recommend them enthusiastically but obviously, I am not making any guarantees.


Podcast Editing/Production

DANIELABENDROTH: I’ve hired Daniel many time to edit my podcasts and he’s done a great job.

VUKJOVANOVIC23: Hired once for podcast editing and he did a great job.

Professional Voice Over Artists

bill_mehner recorded a podcast intro for me and did excellent work. Ver professional and polished.

Articulateasian: Hired him to record a professional intro for a podcast. Very good work.

Johnnystone created a podcast intro for me. Great work.

Kiffinyjean is the first voiceover artist I ever hired. Great work 


Karinavoitenko created a custom content calendar for me to share with my community. It was less than $20 and truly excellent quality.

Jingle Writers/Composers

Soulriter : Wrote an original jingle for my podcast. While I haven’t used it yet, you gotta admit, it’s pretty groovy.

Rapper_man  created an amazing original rap song for my husband’s 50th birthday and made a video to go with it. He was fantastic

Jcattoor composed original background music for my Social Media Summer Camp I paid $5.50 but it looks like the price as gone up a lot since then! Here it is if you want to have a listen.

Promo Videos

eighth_studio created a professional video promo for one of my courses. I never used it, but I think it’s cute, albeit a little corny and too long. 

Royaljatt created a fun video bumper for one of my courses. 


Saidulemarketer created a custom coded email template in ConvertKit for me. 

Transcription (these days, I use or for transcription, but lots of people still like to hire real transcriptionists.)

Mhhann provided high quality transcription 

Theexecutive great work


Jamesdalton will proved a 1000 quotable tweets for your niche for $5



Virtues turned me into a Simpsons character which I use as my profile pic on my messenger bot. 

This amazing gentleman created this special custom video for my Taco Tuesday posts in my Facebook Group.
Squeezeboxhero created the most hilarious singing telegram for a friend of mine who was sick

This one is from 2013. I had just discovered Fiverr and was clearly out of control. Dog rings bell with my logo nearby. Here it is. If you’d like one, looks like the dog is still busy ringing people’s bells. Hire him here.

Book Editing and Layouts

Grammargal is a great book editor and proofreader 

lyubomyr Did a superb formatting my book for Kindle and for print.

Fiverr Gigs That Have Caught My Eye (but I have never purchased)

Logo design

Mockups for courses

Stop Motion animation

Video Editing

More Video editing

Brush calligraphy logo

Google Tag Manager Expert

Really cool portrait art (would make a great gift for a client)


Debra Boggs wrote my resume when I applied to be a professor.

Nata created a slide deck for an important presentation. Since then, I’ve referred people to her but I think her rate is higher now than it used to be.

Avadhesh is a Kajabi expert. I have not worked with, but several of my clients have, and I refer him often.

Obviously, I’ve just scratched the surface here.

When you go to do search for your own freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork, filter by the variables that are most important to you: language, ratings, rate, etc. I always look for the most highly rated freelancers who also have a lot of reviews.

If you have a freelancer you’d like to share with me and my readers, please put it in the comments below.

I’ll be updating this list as I find more freelancers I love, so make sure and subscribe to the updates below.