How to Create a Successful Online Business in a Niche That Has Nothing To Do with Business

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Miriam is an artist and small business owner. She is always crafting plans for her business. She has greatly evolved her art making business and now design products with her art that has a more modern and contemporary vibe.

After 911 she jumped ship and left her fancy job on Wall Street to be an artist.

But she kicked the "starving artist" persona straight to the curb and has proven that you can absolutely have a successful online business without teaching business stuff.  

Miriam suggests to have your own site with your outstanding brand and messaging - it’s a way that you don't have to compete with Etsy’s (and other bigger markets) lower prices so you can offer something that's very exclusive and very high-end and personal.

When she first started her business and doing Facebook ads, just targeting the right audience makes the difference. The next thing she did was putting a video series together with her launch and that worked really well with her audience.

For the people who are coming to her for the art classes, she gives them a step by step on how to learn a painting process. Her philosophy is that they shouldn't be learning how to copy a project, but how to learn a process.

She invests in her business - in learning, support and coaching. These are just necessary steps to scale the business. When she invests to things/people/course, she uses this formula: Is the nudge going to bring me in x number of people? What is my break-even on it?

She suggests the book Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing by  Brian Kurtz

One of the things that made her stand out to her audience is by sending them snail mail. She said that it is something that really all of us should be considering. Recently, she sent out a hundred mail pieces and costs her about a hundred dollars and she made about $6,000 on it. 

“Sometimes these things that we do, it may not get you that intended result , but then it has a ripple effect later down the line” - one client of Miriam that received the snail mail didn't take her up on her particular offer that was mentioned in the mail but joined her other course. The client also mentioned that it made her feel special to get something in the mail and says that she wanted to be coached from like someone like Miriam, to learn from her - on how to treat customers.

We couldn’t resist: The Real Housewives dish!


Book recommended by Miriam, "Overdeliver" by Brian Kurtz 

Miriam's book "A Writer's Sketch" 

Miriam's podcast: The Inspiration Place 

Real Housewives Barbies on Instagram 

Real Housewives "Watch What Crappens" podcasts 


The Ultimate List of My Favorite Freelancers

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If you are like every other entrepreneur on the planet, sometimes you find yourself bogged down doing work you know you shouldn’t be doing but you justify it because you tell yourself…

…it’s easier if you do it yourself. By the time you had to explain it to someone, you’d already be done.

Or maybe you don’t even know where to find someone to do that particular task and even if you did, you’d rather not spend that money.

But here’s the truth; there’s a very skilled labor force out there that is not only ready to work with you, but also incredibly affordable.

If you’ve been at this online business thing for a while, you’ve likely already heard of or

If not, let me be the bearer of life-changing news… is a place where freelancers offer their services (called “gigs”), some for as little as five dollars (hence, the name). You can’t believe the wide range of services offered there!

Upwork is a similar platform, but usually a bit pricier.

I’ve been using both services since 2013, and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite freelancers for you.

I have worked with each of these freelancers (except for those indicated) and can recommend them enthusiastically but obviously, I am not making any guarantees.


Podcast Editing/Production

DANIELABENDROTH: I’ve hired Daniel many time to edit my podcasts and he’s done a great job.

VUKJOVANOVIC23: Hired once for podcast editing and he did a great job.

Professional Voice Over Artists

bill_mehner recorded a podcast intro for me and did excellent work. Ver professional and polished.

Articulateasian: Hired him to record a professional intro for a podcast. Very good work.

Johnnystone created a podcast intro for me. Great work.

Kiffinyjean is the first voiceover artist I ever hired. Great work 


Karinavoitenko created a custom content calendar for me to share with my community. It was less than $20 and truly excellent quality.

Jingle Writers/Composers

Soulriter : Wrote an original jingle for my podcast. While I haven’t used it yet, you gotta admit, it’s pretty groovy.

Rapper_man  created an amazing original rap song for my husband’s 50th birthday and made a video to go with it. He was fantastic

Jcattoor composed original background music for my Social Media Summer Camp I paid $5.50 but it looks like the price as gone up a lot since then! Here it is if you want to have a listen.

Promo Videos

eighth_studio created a professional video promo for one of my courses. I never used it, but I think it’s cute, albeit a little corny and too long. 

Royaljatt created a fun video bumper for one of my courses. 


Saidulemarketer created a custom coded email template in ConvertKit for me. 

Transcription (these days, I use or for transcription, but lots of people still like to hire real transcriptionists.)

Mhhann provided high quality transcription 

Theexecutive great work


Jamesdalton will proved a 1000 quotable tweets for your niche for $5



Virtues turned me into a Simpsons character which I use as my profile pic on my messenger bot. 

This amazing gentleman created this special custom video for my Taco Tuesday posts in my Facebook Group.
Squeezeboxhero created the most hilarious singing telegram for a friend of mine who was sick

This one is from 2013. I had just discovered Fiverr and was clearly out of control. Dog rings bell with my logo nearby. Here it is. If you’d like one, looks like the dog is still busy ringing people’s bells. Hire him here.

Book Editing and Layouts

Grammargal is a great book editor and proofreader 

lyubomyr Did a superb formatting my book for Kindle and for print.

Fiverr Gigs That Have Caught My Eye (but I have never purchased)

Logo design

Mockups for courses

Stop Motion animation

Video Editing

More Video editing

Brush calligraphy logo

Google Tag Manager Expert

Really cool portrait art (would make a great gift for a client)


Debra Boggs wrote my resume when I applied to be a professor.

Nata created a slide deck for an important presentation. Since then, I’ve referred people to her but I think her rate is higher now than it used to be.

Avadhesh is a Kajabi expert. I have not worked with, but several of my clients have, and I refer him often.

Obviously, I’ve just scratched the surface here.

When you go to do search for your own freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork, filter by the variables that are most important to you: language, ratings, rate, etc. I always look for the most highly rated freelancers who also have a lot of reviews.

If you have a freelancer you’d like to share with me and my readers, please put it in the comments below.

I’ll be updating this list as I find more freelancers I love, so make sure and subscribe to the updates below.

Top Online Entrepreneurs Share The Best Business Advice They've Ever Received

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This is a “Jen on the street” type episode from her mastermind meet up in NYC. She asked 12 of the most successful business owners and online marketers to share the best advice they’ve received.

You’re going to love it because they don’t just tell us what the advice was, but why it was so powerful and helpful.


Ry Schwartz – Copywriter

He shares a twist the advice that many of us have heard before. It’s a new perspective that helped him up his game.

Miriam Schulman – Artist and Business Owner

Her advice is about what happens we focus on what we might be losing instead of what we might be gaining.

Lisa Husseini – CEO Icadenza

She explains 2 pieces of advice – both that will help you focus on what’s important and not lose sight of it, even when chaos hits!

Maryalice Goldsmith – Business Coach

Her advice will help you if you find yourself getting caught in what other people are in your industry are saying and doing. Especially if it makes you worry about what you are doing.

Nicole Culver – Business Coach

Her advice is for the perfectionists out there and I know there are many of us who want everything to be just so. Nicole has you covered.

Ron Reich – Business Coach

Ron’s advice is 3 simple words, and they really are everything. He’s coached some of the most successful online entrepreneurs and this type of clarity is why he is so good at it!

Michelle Martello – Web Design and Strategy Consultant

Her advice is so simple, but it’s something we often forget. She shares how impactful following this advice has been for her business and how it will work for you as well.

Alexis Fedor – Business Coach for Artists

Mom knows best! Alexis shares what she learned from her mom’s advice and how it’s helped her. You’ll find it helpful for you too!

Melissa Pharr – Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Her advice provides clarity and her examples are downright inspiring! Melissa isn’t just giving advice here – she follows it to this day!

Patty Lennon – Business Coach

This advice is one-part old school method and one part got-to-have-it genius when it comes to taking action and getting results.

Laura Belgray – Copywriter (and talking shrimp)

Laura’s advice is three little words. You’ve heard them before and she’s going to remind you why it’s about the best advice out there if you’re growing an online business.

Camille Virginia – Founder of Master Offline Dating

Her advice might sound counter-intuitive at first. You’ll find her input helpful and Jen says you’ll also feel a bit of relief too!

Tony Almeida - Co-founder of NaturalCell

Tony’s advice is something you should know when you’re selling your products. It’s not about what you want to sell but it’s about what they want to buy.

Let’s keep the conversation going! Share your best advice (given or received) in Jen’s free group The Front Row.

The Front Row Entrepreneur Flash Briefings

If you'd like to make sure you never miss these briefings, you have a couple of options:

1) Let my bot deliver them to you daily:

2) Add the briefing to your Alexa Echo or your Alexa Dot ("Alexa, add The Front Row Entrepreneur Flash Briefing"

3) You can also download the Alexa app and search for the Front Row Entrepreneur. Click "enable". Then tap the Alexa button in the lower center of the app and say "Alexa, play my flash briefings"

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Paid Membership Program

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Jen outlines the benefits of the membership model. Recurring revenue is key for the life of a successful business. Brendan Burchard told her (and 100’s of others at the Kajabi conference) that if you can’t go away for 3 weeks and still generate income, you don’t really have a business.

He’s kinda right. Jen breaks down the membership model as she’s learned it. You’ll want to take notes. She’s also going to share the transcript, and a handy guide as well so you can revisit while planning your membership site.

There are 2 key elements of a successful membership site. Only 2. So it’s important to do them well.

People come for the content and stay for the community. (not sure who said it first, but it’s true!)

Jen shares her community-building tips.

  • Get the scoop on Jen’s pricing strategy and how it’s worked so well.

  • How her launch connected members and helped them feel a sense of community right away.

  • How Jen provides experiences and why it’s connected to her membership loyalty.

  • Why challenges help with enrollment.

Hear Jen’s no-stress launch and cart open process that brings in new members.

  • Use experiences as a way to invite new people to join the membership

  • Walk members through a training

  • Help your content come alive

If they don’t achieve, they leave! @jenrgy

Use the study hall approach to be productive and let your members have a place to connect. It’s lonely working by yourself all the time!

Find out how Jen decides what goes in her free group and what is only for the VIP paid group.

Find out what is her most valuable piece of content. Ever.

Strong onboarding is everything. Don’t make it hard for people find info. Jen breaks down her killer on-boarding process for you.

6 steps key steps for making sure members know all the cool things that are in your membership, how to access everything, where to find resources, guides and trainings and more!

Jen breaks down her membership platform. This is huge and she attributes this to the success of her membership. It’s powerful, easy to use, and has everything in one place. A free course is available in the show notes area – check it out so you can have a great membership site as well.

Don’t let the tech keep you from starting.


28 Day Course Creation Challenge


Twitter @jenrgy

Front Row VIP


Facebook ads course

Hot Bots course






The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Creating, Launching, and Scaling a Paid Membership Program

Membership Checklist (1).png

How to Make a Profit From a Small Email List

Pinterest Tarzan Kay Podcast.png

Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist, copywriter and educator on all things money. Earning it, growing it, and helping others get more of it. She’s worked with Amy Porterfield, Ingrid Arna, Copyhackers and more.

Today on the podcast I talk all things email and you’re going to want to take notes!

You’ve heard the money is in the list right?

Well, Tarzan shatters that myth and explains that it’s much more than that. Your list is just the starting line.

Get the 5 tips she shares for personalizing to increases engagement.

You’ll love how this makes your emails matter!

Tarzan breaks down the pieces of an effective launch. It’s not just about a bunch of automated emails. That’s part of a launch, and she also shares what else has worked.

Big AHA: You don’t have to have thousands on your list!

Learn the Rule of One and obey it. Always.

You’re going to love her easy strategy for writing an interesting email that people will actually want to read!

Don’t miss the part about the Battlefield Principle.

Metrics matter, but make sure you are measuring the most important one along with the others.

She also shares her advice about scrubbing your list (do it and follow her method) why you don’t always have to have a call to action, and how to stay relevant.

She also has a brilliant suggestion for repurposing that’s going to make you happy!

Lastly, Tarzan explains the one thing we all resist and why we should get over it. She is living proof and shares how her success was tied to this one thing. In addition to her brilliant writing of course.


Get 10 Swipeable Email Templates for Your Next Launch

What I learned at the Kajabi Impact Summit that blew my mind, and will blow yours too, even if you don't use Kajabi.

What I learned at the Kajabi Impact Summit that blew my mind, and will blow yours too, even if you don't use Kajabi..png

As I sit here on the plane headed home from the Kajabi Impact Summit, the company’s first ever live conference, I’m buzzing. As Rachel Hollis said so perfectly from the stage this weekend, “Sometimes when you leave a conference it’s like you want to eat the world, with your teeth and your claws.”  

There’s really no better way to process all that information then to share it with someone else, so let me take a moment to give you the highlights, from where I sat (on the front row of course.)

The event kicked off with presentations from the leadership at Kajabi, who gave us a glimpse into updates, improvements that we can look forward to in 2019:

  • More sophisticated, powerful analytics.

  • A new family of templates called “Encore”, which will be a successor of Premier.

  • Sales tax: collection and reporting right inside the platform.

  • Improvements of hundreds of elements including more automations, more ways to segment customers

  • Improved email templates 

  • Improved email editor

  • Hero University will be more integrated into our experience and will offer many more free courses.

  • There is a new app for Hero University available for iOs and Android and it’s available now.

  • By the fall of 2019, Kajabians will also be able to create apps for their products/sites.

  • There is now a new status page at status.kajabi,com. (This is where you go to see if the site is down)

  • Instant deploys of emails

  • Phone and text (SMS) support is being added

Kenny shared some interesting data based on customer usage:

  • Once someone earns $1K in Kajabi, they are likely to earn $37K

  • Once someone earns $37K, they will likely earn 100K.

roland frasier.jpeg

Roland Frasier

Bullet Broof Copy

Biggest takeaways:

  • When we do our research for our copy, look for “should I” searches such as “Should I vaccinate my dog before or after house training?” .Obviously, you will tailor this to your niche.

  • Also, look for “ideas” searches, such as “ideas for green smoothies”.

  • I loved his idea of creating a shopping list with your product in the list. For example, the list might be “10 Things Every Person Needs to Start a Podcast”. On the list, you could include your podcasting course

Frasier recommended using Headline Analyzer to test you headline and Think With Google and Answer The Public to get ideas.

I’ve been using Answer the Public for a while, and had no idea that the dark the green dot, the more popular the search query:

When writing sales copy, make sure to answer these questions that your reader is asking:

  • Is it right for me

  • Can I afford it?

  • Where should I buy it?

  • Am I getting a deal?

Frasier recommended using this Customer Avatar Worksheet by Digital Marketer to get a better grasp on who our audience is.

He shared his slide deck with us (below):



Amy Porterfield

What I Wish I Knew Before Launching My First Digital Course.


  1. Give yourself the space to create. Minimum of five hours per week. Block it in your calendar.

  2. Stay horizontal as long as possilble. So many of entrepreneurs rush out to create more products after the launch, but she shared how the real way to grow is to launch it, then continue to perfect it and launch again and again. She gave the example of her first launch of Profit Lab…first launch, 30K, second launch 200K, and then 950K.

  3. Your launch success is determined by your non-launch efforts. That mean, create consistent content year round, and deliver value. Not just when you launch.

  4. 99% of your launch decisions should be made before your launch begins. In other words, have a plan, Stan.

  5. Your offer can make or break your launch.

    1. What’s included/what is it?

    2. What are your bonuses (AP recommends three)

      1. One bonus AP has had success with recently is a full analyses of her launch results.

    3. Will you offer support? How?

    4. Is there a payment plan?

    5. Is there a guarantee? ‘

    6. Facebook group?

  6. One webinar is never enough. Do at least 4 for a 10-14 day launch.

  7. Send more emails! 3 emails should go out on cart close day.

    1. First one in the morning “today the cart closes”

    2. Second one mid-day

    3. Last one two hours before cart close. In that email, send an off-the-cuff video, 7-10 minutes long that you record on your phone . “Ok friend. The cart is closing. If buying my program is going to make it hard for you to pay your mortgage, now is not the time for you. But if you need to take on one more client to pay for a program that will change your life and your business, you are just making excuses .”

  8. Tell More Stories. Bring the human touch to the launch. Throughout the launch, after cart open, when people sign up message them or email them and ask them to record a video about why they joined and post it in the Facebook group.

  9. Don’t rush to evergreen. Perfect your launches. Live launches are magic

  10. There is power in simplicity. AP only launches with webinars and emails. (and Kajabi).


Jasmine Star

The Ultimate Instagram Launch Strategy

Jasmine Star delivered a fun, high-energy and inspiring presentation all about Instagram.

Big takeaway here is to have a plan.

Jasmine opens her membership site once a month. She has a 4 week campaign for Instagram that she sitcks to every month. This is her posting strategy:

  • Week 1: Warm up by positioning your business in a favorable light. Remind them with specificity what you do. Non promotional . No mention of product.

  • Week 2: Overcome objections with strategi posts. (January is the month to finally say yes to your dreams.”)

  • Week 3: Promotion Sequence: Position your business as the solution to what they’ve been stuggling with.

  • Week 4: Focus on getting followers

Regarding hashtags, Jasmine’s practice is to leave one in the caption to drive traffic, and 29 more in the comments to be part of conversations happening around those hashtags.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 9.49.50 AM.png

Casey Graham

The Forgotten Funnel: Increase Customer Value Without Selling More

I didn’t expect to like the next speaker, Casey Graham, who is the founder of a company called Gravy, because he was an event sponsor. But he actually ended up being one of my favorite speakers. I particularly loved his quote “never despise a small beginning. That’s where you build the habits for when you are big”.

And also “pay attention to paying people”. That really was the focus of his talk: treat your clients and customers like gold, because they are gold. He said “the forgotten funnel are your paying clients”.

Pay attention to paying people.

Another key take away was to make every interaction incredibly easy for your client. Make sure to break down steps: “do this first”, “do this next”.

He told us about the Full Story app that will allow you to watch a new user, in real time, navigate your site, product.

Casey also said “do for one what you would do for everyone”. He gave everyone a stamped envelope and blank notecard and we all wrote one customer an email telling them how much we appreciate them as an example of what this principle looks like in action.


Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is not someone who I was familiar with before this conference. Obviously I know who she is, because you can’t pass an airport bookstore or grocery store magazine stand without seeing her face. But I was unfamiliar with her work.

Rachel’s talk was very motivational. I loved one interaction she has with a girl in the crowd who raised her hand to express that she wanted to do what Rachel does…speak from the stage, impact women around the world, etc. but that she felt like there wasn’t any point, since Rachel was already doing.

Rachel responded by saying “don’t compare my middle with your beginning”.

She stressed the importance of sticking with just one thing and shared a great analogy:

Imagine you have 6 soccer balls and you are allowed a total of 6 kicks. If you take turns kicking each ball one time how far will you get versus kicking one ball, six times?

It was also very interesting to learn that she sells her incredibly successful journal from her Kajabi site, as Shopify integrates beautifully with the platform.

She recommended the book “The Road Less Stupid”.

While it seems that Rachel Hollis sprung up out of nowhere, she’s been working hard at her blog for 15 years and she published 5 books prior to “Girl, Wash your Face” that she said no one read.


Roger Love

How to Speak So Others Perceive You As the Most Authentic and Irreplaceable Expert (Without Ever Feeling Fake)

Roger Love, the world’s most famous vocal coach gave such a fascinating presentation about how important it is that we use our voice (our actual voice) deliberately. He called up volunteer from the audience who had a nasal-y voice and before our eyes completely transformed the way she sounded.


There were these great interludes in between sessions when JCron or Kenny of Kajabi would facilitate different discussions, and one of my favorite sessions was about the state of the knowledge commerce industry.

The big takeaway here is that there is a shift from just information products to transformation products. How quickly and easily can you get someone from a current state to a desired state?

Our courses must be combined with coaching and connection and community.

They suggested that when someone buys your course or product, there are 5 things we want to share with them immediately:

  1. Congrats/welcome!

  2. Here’s what to do next

  3. Here’s how to get help

  4. Here’s the top 10 questions we get

  5. Here’s how to connect with us and others

JCron also suggested that we use Kajabi’s Assessments feature to ask our customers/students/clients the following questions:

  • What was most impactful for you?

  • What was most confusing to you?

  • Was anything frustrating or overwhelming ot the point of wanting ot stop?

  • Anything else I should know to help improve this experience?

brock johnson.jpg

Brock Johnson

The Power of Stories

Brock Johnson, son of veteran marketer Chalene Johnson talked about the power of story and how we should be using stories that illicit emotions. He shared a powerful example from Hemingway:

“For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

brendon brouchard

Brendon Burchard

How in the World Are Influencers Making $10M a Year?

Brendan Brouchard was probably my favorite speaker at the event. I had never seen him speak before and from the minute he took the stage and throughout his entire performance, I’m not sure I blinked. Except maybe when I had to wipe away the tears from laughing and crying. He was magnificent. Every single thing out of his mouth was quotable, but here are just a few of my favorites:

  • You are responsible for this dream sewn in your heart.

  • Step into the truth that you can lead. You are in charge of your business.

  • If you don’t take full ownership of your dream, you will never scale.

  • You have a lion in your heart. Stop living like a mouse.

  • Create and sell information that is fascinating to you (and that you want to talk about for years.)

  • Don’t create niche products. Market to niches. For example, Apple has six products. They didn’t create an iMac for chiropractors and one for lawyers. You can market the same product and shape your marketing for those niches.

  • Create and sell 3 products per brand topic

    • low tier: $99 and below

    • mid tier: $99-$500

    • high tier: $500 and above

  • Claim and mater your topic

  • Discover your audience’s problems AND ambitions.

  • Sell a higher aspiration…lead with aspiration.

  • Define your story..the one that’s relevant to the struggles and aspirations of yoru people.

  • Let your message be meaningful…a message you are supposed to share.

  • Excellence only takes two weeks longer.

  • Perfectionism: by very definition of the word perfect…you can’t perfect something unless you release it!

  • Post a weekly blog or vlog.

  • Post 4 pieces of content every day on social media.

  • Every Friday look at which posts did well and then boost the winners.

  • Save the winners in a folder on the cloud and re-use them in future weeks/months.

  • Create evergreen campaigns for your products.

  • Run ads all the time.

If Brendan had to start his business all over again today, how would he set it up? (on Kajabi)

  • Membership site: $29 x 1000 people per year = $348K per year

  • 3 part webinar $97 x 200 people per month = $19, 400 per month=$232,800 per year

  • Online course $297 x 100 people per month = $29,700 per month = 356, 400 per year

  • 1: 1 Coaching $1000 per onth x 15 people per month = 15, 000 per month = $180K per year

  • All that adds up to $1, 117, 200 per year.

chalene johnson.jpg

Chalene Johnson

How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Course, Without Selling

Chalene Johnson shared her script for selling on a livestream:

  1. Start with their problem (or what they think their problem is)

  2. Empathy statement

  3. Expert positioning

  4. Paid the possibility

  5. The story that illustrates the solution and that elicits emotion.

  6. Unique solution (the offer) (The key to this script is the transition phrase between 5 and 6:

    I used to get so frustrated with_________ “that is why I created (product)’

  7. How it works “once you sign up, you’ll start with (3 things)”

  8. Rejection/risk (if you don’t take action, you can stay stuck, throwing spaghetti at the wall and doing it the hard way. And things will stay just the way they are now.

  9. Investment “you can start today with your first payment of $597 with 4 more to follow”. (Chalene like starting with the payment plan first)

  10. Testimonials

  11. Call to action (on mobile, make sure that to click the buy button, they won’t be able to unless they click the x in the top right hand corner of screen”

  12. Fast action bonuses


Sean Cannell

How to Use YouTube to Get Free Traffic, Build Your Authority, and Sell Products on Autopilot

Sean Cannell gave us some great YouTube tips:

  1. Research before you record: go to YouTube search. As you type in your topic, pay attention to the autocomplete because it will populate with suggestions of things people are actually searching for.

  2. Rank for your business. You don’t have to get all your videos ranked (show up on top for certain searches), but having just a few can lead to lots of traffic and it can last for a long time. Pay attention to

    1. Video topic

    2. The content itself

    3. Thumbnail

    4. Title

    5. Description

    6. Tags

I particularly like a Pipeline that he set up in Kajabi that takes YouTube viewers of his videos to a webinar. This is a prerecorded webinar that then takes them to a sales page for his course.

What I liked about this Pipeline is that it is very simple..I’m not sure they even opt-in. I think they watch the YouTube video, then he says “If you’d like more information about this, click here for my webinar”. Next they go right to the webinar which is very obviously a recording…he leaves scrubber bar on there allowing viewers to fast forward and rewind, etc.

He suggested the tools, ,, and

Our last day kicked off with another QA session.

One woman stood up and said that she was confused about whether or not she should launch a big (expensive) course or a small (less expensive) course.

JCron said “Ikea is a on the list of the top 500 companies in the world and so is Louis Vuitton”.


Neil Patel

7 Shortcuts to Becoming A Global Brand

The last speaker I saw was Neil Patel, who talked aobut 7 Shortcuts to Becoming a Global Brand”

He ran through some fundamentals:

  1. You need a blog.

  2. Blog at least once a week.

  3. It’s all about the headline.

  4. Don’t sell, educate.

  5. Write in a conversational tone.

  6. Use sub-headings and keep paragraphs short.

  7. Spend 80% of your time promoting.

  8. Be yourself

  9. It’s all about video.

Biggest takeaway from this session for me is that after we upload video to YouTube, we should email our subscribers about it immediately because YouTube ranks based on the first 24 hours of activity.

He recommended that if you are trying to build a personal brand, that it’s a good idea to speak at 4 conferences a year, and to go live 3 times a week.

Tragically, I had to leave before James Wedmore’s presentation.

This was an outstanding conference and I can’t wait for Kajabi Summit 2020.

Did you attend the conference? What were some of your biggest takeaways?

A Fresh Look at List Building and Email Marketing with Teresa Heath Wareing

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Today Jen is talking to Teresa Heath Waring, a friend she met sitting in the front row at Social Media Marketing World a couple of years ago. As a fellow front-rower and marketing expert, she and Jen talk all things email marketing.

If you read that and thought, email marketing, who does that anymore, then this episode is especially for you. Teresa explains she talked a good game but didn’t always follow through.

Sound familiar? Jen and Teresa dive into what’s working now (you need to hear this) and what’s not working.

Teresa shares 4 key questions to help you target your audience, so they absolutely love seeing you in their in-box. With examples!

Teresa shares in true confession style what not to do, and her biggest regret when it comes to email marketing. This is so many of us and her story will help you realize that you have what you need to use this as part of your marketing strategy.

This conversation will help you understand the easiest way to connect with people who are eager to hear from you. Topics include:

  • Micro content, long form content – which one and why

  • Why consistency isn’t just a good idea

  • A new way to look at your lead magnet and content upgrades

  • Tags and segmenting – and how to make it super easy (you’re going to take notes here!)

  • Opening and closing salutations (this may include a story about Lady T!)


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My hero

My hero

Seth Godin wrote a blog post today about the way EMI, Inc., has bullied me, and other entrepreneurs.

You see, somehow, Entrepreneur Inc. got the trademark for the word "entrepreneur" years ago and since then, they've been going after little guys, like me, and threatening to "take action".

My podcast, "The Front Row Entrepreneur", it seems, was infringing on their trademark. You know, much like how a speck of dust infringes on a mountain.

This has actually been going on for quite some time, but I haven't talked about it because...lawyers.

And also, it's just been exhausting, demoralizing, and oh so frustrating.

I agreed to their demands...

I changed all the links (sooo many links)...

I changed the name of my podcast...

I changed all the graphics everywhere...

And then, yesterday, I got an email from their lawyers telling me they found a few more things on my website that still had "entrepreneur".

One of the things was literally a blog post "What is a Front Row Entrepreneur?".

Since Seth Godin was on my podcast recently, and he knew about this situation, I forwarded him the email and said "I just wanted you to see how far they go."

He asked if he could write about it.

Um. What?



Who better to call them out than the godfather of marketing and entrepreneurship himself?


Not even an hour later, he had finished his article and now you can read it here.

I would really love it if you would share the article far and wide. I'm done being scared.

Because it really is time for this bully of a company to stop what it's doing to the hardworking entrepreneurs of the world who they claim to support.

If you tweet it, be sure to tag @Entrepreneur and also @ThisIsSethsblog and ofcourse me, @jenrgy.