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How to Make a Profit From a Small Email List

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Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist, copywriter and educator on all things money. Earning it, growing it, and helping others get more of it. She’s worked with Amy Porterfield, Ingrid Arna, Copyhackers and more.

Today on the podcast I talk all things email and you’re going to want to take notes!

You’ve heard the money is in the list right?

Well, Tarzan shatters that myth and explains that it’s much more than that. Your list is just the starting line.

Get the 5 tips she shares for personalizing to increases engagement.

You’ll love how this makes your emails matter!

Tarzan breaks down the pieces of an effective launch. It’s not just about a bunch of automated emails. That’s part of a launch, and she also shares what else has worked.

Big AHA: You don’t have to have thousands on your list!

Learn the Rule of One and obey it. Always.

You’re going to love her easy strategy for writing an interesting email that people will actually want to read!

Don’t miss the part about the Battlefield Principle.

Metrics matter, but make sure you are measuring the most important one along with the others.

She also shares her advice about scrubbing your list (do it and follow her method) why you don’t always have to have a call to action, and how to stay relevant.

She also has a brilliant suggestion for repurposing that’s going to make you happy!

Lastly, Tarzan explains the one thing we all resist and why we should get over it. She is living proof and shares how her success was tied to this one thing. In addition to her brilliant writing of course.


Get 10 Swipeable Email Templates for Your Next Launch

A Fresh Look at List Building and Email Marketing with Teresa Heath Wareing

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Today Jen is talking to Teresa Heath Waring, a friend she met sitting in the front row at Social Media Marketing World a couple of years ago. As a fellow front-rower and marketing expert, she and Jen talk all things email marketing.

If you read that and thought, email marketing, who does that anymore, then this episode is especially for you. Teresa explains she talked a good game but didn’t always follow through.

Sound familiar? Jen and Teresa dive into what’s working now (you need to hear this) and what’s not working.

Teresa shares 4 key questions to help you target your audience, so they absolutely love seeing you in their in-box. With examples!

Teresa shares in true confession style what not to do, and her biggest regret when it comes to email marketing. This is so many of us and her story will help you realize that you have what you need to use this as part of your marketing strategy.

This conversation will help you understand the easiest way to connect with people who are eager to hear from you. Topics include:

  • Micro content, long form content – which one and why

  • Why consistency isn’t just a good idea

  • A new way to look at your lead magnet and content upgrades

  • Tags and segmenting – and how to make it super easy (you’re going to take notes here!)

  • Opening and closing salutations (this may include a story about Lady T!)


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