Top Online Entrepreneurs Share The Best Business Advice They've Ever Received

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This is a “Jen on the street” type episode from her mastermind meet up in NYC. She asked 12 of the most successful business owners and online marketers to share the best advice they’ve received.

You’re going to love it because they don’t just tell us what the advice was, but why it was so powerful and helpful.


Ry Schwartz – Copywriter

He shares a twist the advice that many of us have heard before. It’s a new perspective that helped him up his game.

Miriam Schulman – Artist and Business Owner

Her advice is about what happens we focus on what we might be losing instead of what we might be gaining.

Lisa Husseini – CEO Icadenza

She explains 2 pieces of advice – both that will help you focus on what’s important and not lose sight of it, even when chaos hits!

Maryalice Goldsmith – Business Coach

Her advice will help you if you find yourself getting caught in what other people are in your industry are saying and doing. Especially if it makes you worry about what you are doing.

Nicole Culver – Business Coach

Her advice is for the perfectionists out there and I know there are many of us who want everything to be just so. Nicole has you covered.

Ron Reich – Business Coach

Ron’s advice is 3 simple words, and they really are everything. He’s coached some of the most successful online entrepreneurs and this type of clarity is why he is so good at it!

Michelle Martello – Web Design and Strategy Consultant

Her advice is so simple, but it’s something we often forget. She shares how impactful following this advice has been for her business and how it will work for you as well.

Alexis Fedor – Business Coach for Artists

Mom knows best! Alexis shares what she learned from her mom’s advice and how it’s helped her. You’ll find it helpful for you too!

Melissa Pharr – Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Her advice provides clarity and her examples are downright inspiring! Melissa isn’t just giving advice here – she follows it to this day!

Patty Lennon – Business Coach

This advice is one-part old school method and one part got-to-have-it genius when it comes to taking action and getting results.

Laura Belgray – Copywriter (and talking shrimp)

Laura’s advice is three little words. You’ve heard them before and she’s going to remind you why it’s about the best advice out there if you’re growing an online business.

Camille Virginia – Founder of Master Offline Dating

Her advice might sound counter-intuitive at first. You’ll find her input helpful and Jen says you’ll also feel a bit of relief too!

Tony Almeida - Co-founder of NaturalCell

Tony’s advice is something you should know when you’re selling your products. It’s not about what you want to sell but it’s about what they want to buy.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Paid Membership Program

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Jen outlines the benefits of the membership model. Recurring revenue is key for the life of a successful business. Brendan Burchard told her (and 100’s of others at the Kajabi conference) that if you can’t go away for 3 weeks and still generate income, you don’t really have a business.

He’s kinda right. Jen breaks down the membership model as she’s learned it. You’ll want to take notes. She’s also going to share the transcript, and a handy guide as well so you can revisit while planning your membership site.

There are 2 key elements of a successful membership site. Only 2. So it’s important to do them well.

People come for the content and stay for the community. (not sure who said it first, but it’s true!)

Jen shares her community-building tips.

  • Get the scoop on Jen’s pricing strategy and how it’s worked so well.

  • How her launch connected members and helped them feel a sense of community right away.

  • How Jen provides experiences and why it’s connected to her membership loyalty.

  • Why challenges help with enrollment.

Hear Jen’s no-stress launch and cart open process that brings in new members.

  • Use experiences as a way to invite new people to join the membership

  • Walk members through a training

  • Help your content come alive

If they don’t achieve, they leave! @jenrgy

Use the study hall approach to be productive and let your members have a place to connect. It’s lonely working by yourself all the time!

Find out how Jen decides what goes in her free group and what is only for the VIP paid group.

Find out what is her most valuable piece of content. Ever.

Strong onboarding is everything. Don’t make it hard for people find info. Jen breaks down her killer on-boarding process for you.

6 steps key steps for making sure members know all the cool things that are in your membership, how to access everything, where to find resources, guides and trainings and more!

Jen breaks down her membership platform. This is huge and she attributes this to the success of her membership. It’s powerful, easy to use, and has everything in one place. A free course is available in the show notes area – check it out so you can have a great membership site as well.

Don’t let the tech keep you from starting.


28 Day Course Creation Challenge


Twitter @jenrgy

Front Row VIP


Facebook ads course

Hot Bots course






The Ultimate Cheatsheet for Creating, Launching, and Scaling a Paid Membership Program

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How to Make a Profit From a Small Email List

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Tarzan Kay is a launch strategist, copywriter and educator on all things money. Earning it, growing it, and helping others get more of it. She’s worked with Amy Porterfield, Ingrid Arna, Copyhackers and more.

Today on the podcast I talk all things email and you’re going to want to take notes!

You’ve heard the money is in the list right?

Well, Tarzan shatters that myth and explains that it’s much more than that. Your list is just the starting line.

Get the 5 tips she shares for personalizing to increases engagement.

You’ll love how this makes your emails matter!

Tarzan breaks down the pieces of an effective launch. It’s not just about a bunch of automated emails. That’s part of a launch, and she also shares what else has worked.

Big AHA: You don’t have to have thousands on your list!

Learn the Rule of One and obey it. Always.

You’re going to love her easy strategy for writing an interesting email that people will actually want to read!

Don’t miss the part about the Battlefield Principle.

Metrics matter, but make sure you are measuring the most important one along with the others.

She also shares her advice about scrubbing your list (do it and follow her method) why you don’t always have to have a call to action, and how to stay relevant.

She also has a brilliant suggestion for repurposing that’s going to make you happy!

Lastly, Tarzan explains the one thing we all resist and why we should get over it. She is living proof and shares how her success was tied to this one thing. In addition to her brilliant writing of course.


Get 10 Swipeable Email Templates for Your Next Launch

A Fresh Look at List Building and Email Marketing with Teresa Heath Wareing

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Today Jen is talking to Teresa Heath Waring, a friend she met sitting in the front row at Social Media Marketing World a couple of years ago. As a fellow front-rower and marketing expert, she and Jen talk all things email marketing.

If you read that and thought, email marketing, who does that anymore, then this episode is especially for you. Teresa explains she talked a good game but didn’t always follow through.

Sound familiar? Jen and Teresa dive into what’s working now (you need to hear this) and what’s not working.

Teresa shares 4 key questions to help you target your audience, so they absolutely love seeing you in their in-box. With examples!

Teresa shares in true confession style what not to do, and her biggest regret when it comes to email marketing. This is so many of us and her story will help you realize that you have what you need to use this as part of your marketing strategy.

This conversation will help you understand the easiest way to connect with people who are eager to hear from you. Topics include:

  • Micro content, long form content – which one and why

  • Why consistency isn’t just a good idea

  • A new way to look at your lead magnet and content upgrades

  • Tags and segmenting – and how to make it super easy (you’re going to take notes here!)

  • Opening and closing salutations (this may include a story about Lady T!)


Connect with Teresa

Response Suite

Teresa’s Social Media Checklists  

Short Cut Your Way to Social Media Success

Teresa’s Podcast, Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Teresa’s Course




How to create funnels using LinkedIn. In this video, I show you how you can create LinkedIn funnels using your lead magnets as clickable publications to capture email address and yield amazing results.

No freebie to give away? Simply create a graphics that list your favorite industry tools or a checklist that relates to your niche or industry!


How to Use Leadpages to Grow Your Email List

How to Use Leadpages to Grow Your Email List

LeadPages creates landing pages and other phenomenal tools that make it easy to: 

  1. Grow your email list

  2. Sell your products and services

  3. Build your audience

  4. Launch a new book or product

  5. Get more blog or podcast subscribers

  6. Grow your business

Click here to download the step-by-step guide:  

How to Use Leadpages

how to use leadpages

How to Use Leadpages

How to use LeadPages

how to use leadpages

how to use leadpages

how to use leadpages

how to use leadpages

How to use leadpages

how to use leadpages